In these crazy times we at wild hope you are all keeping safe and well.

Wild records remain Busy and making plans for 2021.

Wildest Vol. 3 - 30 track compilation featuring 17 new Wild…


News and new releases.

Wild Records have some hot new releases in the pipeline,

Sitting waiting to be shipped 

New Hi strung ramblers Limited press LP (Forever Ramblin)

Tj Mayes Nightmare 45.

Upcoming cds,

The ultra sonics, Elvis cantu…


New music available Mid - April

Hi Strung Ramblers LP - Limited Edition

TJ Mayes "Nightmare" 45"

Elvis Cantu CD

Ultra Sonics CD

Ross and the Wildest CD


New Releases

Wild Rockabilly from Brazil:






2nd full length release on Wild Records from Germany's leading rock n' roll band:





1st release from this fantastic late 50's R n…

New CD, 45", T-shirts, Beanies


Wild Black/Yellow Beanie:









Wild Day of the Dead Men's T-Shirt:









Foolin' Around with The Downbeats: