Band Members

Gizzelle - Vocals
Robert Greenig - Drums
Victor Mendez - Piano
Alex Vargas - Bass, Vocals
Takao Inoue - Saxophone

Band Location

Los Angeles, CA

About the Band:

Gizzelle first release was the infamous "Baby Please don't go" 45' released 2005, this record received huge critical acclaim both within the Rock N Roll scene and Soul scene. This record currently sells from anywhere between $250-$500. Gizzelle first full length release was "Devil or Angel" (released date 2006) a mix of 50's-60's RnB, 60's Soul and RockNRoll.
Gizzelle released the fantastic "I'm a good woman" 45' in 2010, again receiving huge critical acclaim both within the Rock N Roll and Soul scene. This record sold out within two months and it is now also a very collectible 45'. In 2010 Gizzelle's Rhythm & Soul record was release, this was released both on CD & Vinyl. The Vinyl sold out within a month and CD has become one of the best selling  releases on the label. 
Gizzelle performs late 50s blues, rhythm and blues, and early 60s soul.  We believe that Gizzelle has one of the greatest voices on the scene.

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