Lil' Sal and the Wildtones

Lil Sal and the Wildtones, a Dutch Rockabilly band, have come a long way in a very short time with their ferocious self-written songs which are a mixture of Grooving Bop, Raw Rockabilly, with a healthy dose of originality.
Founded in late 2014, they do not look to the past with the development of the music but believe the music is as relevant as any other genre of music of today.

In 2016 Lil’ Sal and the Wildtones released their debut vinyl 45 rpm EP on the Dutch Tombstone Records label, 
and are currently signed by Reb Kennedy to his famous WILD Record company in Los Angeles, USA.
Their first WILD release is scheduled to come out in the summer of 2016.

Since their first gig in 2015, they have quickly risen to a prominent place within the national Rockabilly scene, playing well known Dutch venues such as Paradiso in Amsterdam and many more.
Hard working and hard hitting, they can be found playing many national and international festivals in Holland, Belgium, Germany, and also Viva Las Vegas 2016 in Nevada, USA.