Scottie Rehbein - Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Daen Rehbein - Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
Paulie Burke - Bass Guitar
Dean Kendall - Drums and Percussion

About the band:

The Hi Boys, hail from the Gold Coast of Queensland Australia, but the band doesn't have the sound of small town hicks, they are a traditional rock n' roll band playing their brand of rock n' roll with true passion, they are an amazing, exciting, and wild act to see live...
The band has been together for over 2 years and have played shows all over Australia, they have also undertaken tours in both mainland Europe and the United states.
Their first release on Wild Record was the fabulous CD "Shake", their first 45 is due for its release in April 2015.
The band is currently writing new songs for their second album to be recorded at the Wild Record studio in California in March/April 2015
Can't Fool Me: The Hi-Boys 45
  • Can't Fool Me: The Hi-Boys 45

Can't Fool Me: The Hi-Boys 45

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The Hi-Boys "Can't Fool Me" 45" Side B: Lighter (C) 2015 Wild Records

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